Richard Forget - Magician

"The most spellbinding show was by award winning Richard Forget, who wowed the audience with his innovating though-provoking and visually stunning illusions"- Sun2Surf-The Malaysian source for news and lifestyle

Richard has honed his skills by studying the masters and striving to be different by constantly pushing himself to be an innovative magical force. His dramatic creativity and technical prowess have set him apart from other average performers. Richard maximizes these skills to create shows, of different lengths and in different combinations, which are bursting with an ingenious element that is essential when creating a world class show.

The Complete Experience - Magic Stripped

The full length show, Magic Stripped, which expands the urban theme visited in An Urban Phantasy and News of the World, is a total theatrical experience for theatres, cruise liners and corporate events. It is a unique combination of bigger scale illusions along with one or two attractive assistants, first class displays of manipulation and magical dexterity, lighthearted moments of audience participation and more serious moments when the audience is magically moved and mesmerized at the same time.

Magic Stripped is book ended by Richard’s two signature acts, An Urban Phantasy and News of the World, and is the full blown representation of Richard’s philosophy that magic should be performed as theatre. Instead of pointless illusions that go nowhere, you will witness, for example, Richard combine his boyhood love of hockey and magic and wrap it up in a fanciful and energetic illusion called Suspended from Hockey. These illusions plus many more are presented in a way only Richard can. They are charged with a creative energy.

All of these acts, which would be the highlight spot in any revue show, play on the international stage, television, cruise liners and corporate events. Many of the vignettes that Richard performs, like An Urban Phantasy , are performed to music so language is never a barrier. In fact, these acts are so flexible that they can be customized to fit a spot as short as six minutes or as long as an hour plus. They can also be performed as one piece or can be divided into segments without altering the effectiveness of each section.

Magic Stripped Light

Magic Stripped Light is exactly what its title indicates it is. It is an even more stripped down version of the Full Experience that easily fills a large stage. Most importantly it is a show that can fly anywhere without large pieces of equipment having to be shipped earlier. Magic Stripped Light is still anchored by Richard’s signature acts but is filled with illusions that have a significant impact, even in large venues, but is compact enough to fly with.

Magic Stripped Light is a streamlined show devoid of filler. It is overflowing with magic in its purest form. It is engaging, thought provoking and skillfully performed in a manner that raises the bar on what is expected of a magic show.

Richard brings along with him one assistant and will work with any technical team to make sure that a high level production will be the result. Richard can also supply sound and lighting, although in almost all cases he will be able to work with any venue set up. Typically this show lasts 45 minutes in length but can be customized to fit any situation.

Many magicians toil for years pursuing a dream of perfecting just one signature act that will capture peoples’ imaginations and hopefully take them around the world. Richard has accomplished that goal and has now created a second act that is receiving positive reviews.

An Urban Phantasy

Richard’s signature act, An Urban Phantasy, has garnered him immense praise and impressive awards for its sheer ingenuity and uniqueness. It is a timeless story and has the feel of a classic film. The elegant magician, dressed in top hat and distinct suit standing by a payphone, performs visually stunning illusions while he is waiting for his call to connect. Is it his girlfriend, a date, an unrequited love? Fire dances around his body and objects mysteriously appear on his fingertips, seemingly from nowhere. The visual climax of the story is when a stunning beauty is manifested from a phone! An Urban Phantasy has taken Richard around the world and in front of millions viewers in theatres and on television.

Richard’s latest creation has arrived! Thematically his new act addresses the modern world and the events that are a big part of it. The inspiration for this act sprung from an event that has impacted on all people of the world…September 11, 2001. Like everyone else Richard was shocked and moved by what he witnessed. This new act is a tribute to that morning and every other international event that has touched Richard in recent history. It is a day in the life of a magician trying to practice. It is Richard’s newest creation and is now his new show closer. It’s entitled…

News of the World

The act begins simply enough with our magician seated on a stool harmlessly reading a newspaper when mysterious things immediately begin to happen. Richard walks away from the newspaper yet it seems to hover apparently not attached to anything. Objects seem to vanish and reappear at will in Richard’s hands. The act takes a u-turn when Richard innocently reopens his newspaper. It comes to life! As Richard reads the newspaper its articles seem to spring forward: lights flicker, smoke clouds appear, voices from the articles come to life, sounds of crowds marching and helicopters passing overhead all converge together in a swirling spectacle which comes to an abrupt end when, upon having enough of this experience, Richard slams his newspaper shut. As an antidote to this madness Richard rips a page of the newspaper and breathes life into the page. The sheet is folded origami style into something which can be considered the ultimate image for harmony, a bird. Magically, the paper bird’s wings begin flapping and, inexplicably, fly around Richard’s body. The climax is a moving theatrical moment when this paper bird vanishes in a shroud of smoke.  It is a moment that can be placed nowhere else but at the end of Richard’s full length show.

In creating his new act Richard made it a requirement that this would be an act that has audience impact, plays big yet is easy to travel with. News of the World fulfills these requirements. This can be considered a solo act which means Richard requires no assistants and a minimum of cases for traveling. Both of these acts are available in a full length and shortened version for venues such as television.

"Impeccable choreography and keen attention to detail win Richard Forget rave reviews from fans, theatre managers and show buyers from across the globe."