Richard Forget - Magician

“Toronto’s Richard Forget is the new style techno-magician giving magic a high tech veneer.”

The Toronto Star

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada’s Richard Forget has never wanted to be anything else but a magician. Despite having a background in advertising Richard always knew that his true vocation in life was to be standing in front of the glow of a spotlight, entertaining audiences from around the world.

At the very beginning of his professional life Richard has drawn his inspiration from a multitude of magicians but being Canadian it was impossible not to be affected by the impact of another Canadian magician named Doug Henning. Although stylishly very different (than the way Richard represents himself on stage) Doug Henning played a big part in ushering in a renaissance within the world of magic. The fact that he was Canadian amplified Doug Henning’s impact on Canadian magicians, even for those like Richard, who matured after what is considered to be Henning’s prime.

As Richard developed he began to recognize what style of magic moved him the most. This style of magic usually involved the magician, standing centre stage, performing magic with not necessarily a lot of props but still armed with an abundance of skill and stagecraft. The biggest influences for Richard in this regard were Las Vegas magician Lance Burton and Japan’s Shimada who besides his majestic talent has the most intimidating eyes in magic. The fact that Richard later met, befriended, and performed with Shimada in the same show was a significant moment in his career.

Finding his own style in magic has been Richard’s mantra throughout his career. It is all well and good to have influences but it is more important to take ones influences and find one’s own style and presentation. Richard knew early on that being tall was something he could exploit. On stage he discovered that his style was that of the leading man and the guy who, in the movies, eventually gets the girl. That’s when his signature act, An Urban Phantasy, started to take shape.

Developing an act did not come without trials and tribulations. Very early in his career Richard actually performed what is called in the magic world a “bird act”. Like his favourite magicians Richard developed an act whereby he produced doves from common objects such as handkerchiefs. It was not to be forever though since Richard developed a serious allergy to the birds. Goodbye birds! Hello freedom. Richard cites this as being the best thing that ever happened to him. Richard was forced to probe into his little book of ideas intended for some point in the future and was forced to create them at that present time. What have emerged are the acts and illusions that have won him countless awards and taken him around the world without having to worry about traveling with animals.

At the beginning of his professional life Richard decided that he wanted to bring his creative drive to the art of crafting and performing his own illusions. Richard conquered the skill of construction and now invents and constructs almost all of the effects he performs. Richard’s method is rare in the world of magic but the results speak for themselves.

At the present time Richard still uses Toronto, which has international flights everywhere, as his home base and is constantly working on new ways and innovations to bring his show to areas that sometimes even surprise him!